DaVinci Roofscapes Marks 20th Anniversary

Back in 1999, after two years of working on the “recipe” to create durable synthetic products, DaVinci Roofing Materials, LLC was incorporated in Kansas. Now, 20 years later, DaVinci Roofscapes has risen to a leadership position in the composite roofing industry — and we’re ready to take a step forward into the composite siding industry.

New Products for 2019

20th Anniversary Logo

During the past two decades our company has made numerous advancements. The first installation of DaVinci Slate was in 2002. DaVinci then introduced composite shake shingles in 2005. Now, during our 20th year anniversary, we’ve advanced our roofing selection to include a seventh roofing product line — Select Shake.

“The timing is ideal during the start of our third decade of operations to launch a new and even more realistic shake roofing tile plus a shake siding product,” says Michael Cobb, president and chief marketing officer at DaVinci Roofscapes. “Our technical advances are moving swiftly forward and we envision DaVinci continuing on this growth trajectory for many years into the future.”

Relying on Composites

Whether used on the roof or for siding, composite tiles from DaVinci are engineered to stand up to extreme weather conditions. Each product has a Class A fire rating, Class 4 impact rating and resists fading, splintering, cracking, pests and high winds.

Designed for years of worry-free beauty on a home or commercial building, our composite products authentically replicate the look of natural slate and shake materials. Made of virgin resins, UV and thermal stabilizers plus a highly-specialized fire retardant, our composite products are crafted with the highest degree of color control and consistency in the manufacturing process.

Make Room for DaVinci

In the beginning, DaVinci operated out of a 10,000-square-foot space in Kansas. Staying true to our “Made in America” roots, we expanded operations in 2006 to an 81,000-square-foot leased location. As our company grew, so did the need for more space. Less than 10 years later, in 2014, we acquired a 173,000-square-facility in Lenexa, Kansas to house our manufacturing, distribution and administration offices.

“Our company has established a solid footprint of steady growth during the past 20 years,” says Cobb. “By focusing on fine-tuning our composite product, working with our valued customers and partners, and responding to the needs of the consumer for a durable roofing product, we’ve been able to make our mark in this industry.”

Responsible Manufacturing

Our leadership team at DaVinci has been interested in far more than manufacturing superior composite roofing shingles for the past two decades. They set their environmental sights on creating our products while generating zero landfill scrap. That goal was reached in 2017.

Starting in 2012, DaVinci began reprocessing internally generated scrap. Since that time we’ve recycled and reused 5,955,000 pounds of composite scrap. In 2018 alone DaVinci reprocessed 926,000 pounds of waste into starter tiles while reducing the scrap generated in our manufacturing process by an additional 2.2 percent since 2016.

“Our goal is zero percentage of scrap going into a landfill,” says Bryan Ward, vice president of operations at DaVinci Roofscapes. “We are always looking for ways to recycle and reuse every single piece of waste in our plant.”

The Many Colors of DaVinci

One of the ways DaVinci has stood out during the past two decades is by offering a wide assortment of realistic colors (plus custom colors) for our roofing tiles. The addition of color consultant Kate Smith, with Sensational Color, has allowed us to support the one-on-one color selection needs of our consumers.

“You can’t talk about our company’s history without thinking about color,” says Cobb. “The realistic colors we’ve been able to achieve — from deep slate grays to shades of clay and dark mountain blends — appeal to so many people.

“We’ve promoted ‘top down color’ on the home for many years. This thought process suggests looking at a house exterior as a unified color palette that creates distinct curb appeal for the home.”

Colorful Step Forward

In 2018 our company took its most advanced color step with the introduction of the Nature Crafted Collection. Three distinct colors — Black Oak, Mossy Cedar and Aged Cedar — reflect different progressive aging processes found on real shake shingles.

“The DaVinci Nature Crafted Collection is our most ambitious foray into color development in our company’s history,” says Cobb. “Our proprietary process technology enables us to recreate the natural warmth and softness of a patina previously only created by time and exposure to the elements.”

The realistic Nature Crafted Collection Colors are available on several DaVinci shake product lines and the new DaVinci Hand-Split Shake Siding.

DaVinci currently offers three composite shake tile options: DaVinci Multi-Width Shake, DaVinci Single-Width Shake and Bellaforté Shake. In our slate profiles, we offer DaVinci Multi-Width Slate, DaVinci Single-Width Slate and Bellaforté Slate. Our newest products, DaVinci Select Shake and DaVinci Hand-Split Shake Siding, are scheduled for launch during the first quarter of 2019.