A Love Affair with Slate Roofs

Let’s face it … some people are in love with heavy, old, real slate roofs. They think the algae growing between the slate tiles is “charming” and that the broken-off brittle pieces of slate add “character” to the roof.

That’s fine if you’re touring historic homes in Europe, but if it’s on your house, who wants the never-ending problems of real slate roofs?

DaVinci Roofscapes to the rescue. To mimic the charm and character of slate roof tiles, DaVinci creates the molds for our imitation slate tiles by using real pieces of slate. (See Realistic Profile Imitation Slate Tiles)

A multi-width or single-width composite slate roof from DaVinci enhances the beauty of a home while protecting the earth’s natural resources. The slate polymer tiles are made of virgin resins to guarantee a sustainable product, and each piece is crafted to display rough edges and a natural stone-like surface texture.

Polymer slate from DaVinci comes in three profiles:

Fake Slate
Multi-Width – comes in 5 different widths – 12″, 10″, 9″, 7″ and 6″ widths with natural stone appearance on tiles that are 1/2″ thick
Single-Width – a 12″ tile width with each tile being a 1/2″ thick
Bellaforté – a 12″ tile width featuring interlocking leading edge tabs for increased wind resistance; each tile is 1/2″ thick

Go ahead … have a love affair with “the look” of real slate tiles. But when it comes to what you’ll put on your home, opt for lightweight tiles that replicate slate tiles, but have the advantages of a man-made product.