A Simple Guide To 2014 Exterior Color Trends | Orange, Pink & Red Hot

An optimistic attitude is invigorating our neutral home exteriors with hot, bold hues from every color family with an emphasis on red, orange and pink. Ready to move forward and overcome any adversity, these hues are saying, “Enough already! We’re ready to move forward!”

While it may take some effort to move forward in many areas of your life, changing the accent color on your home is an easy way to show the world that you are not standing still. Adding a bold, warm hue to the outside of your home, especially at the entrance, signals your energetic attitude, willingness to embrace the here and now and fully live in the moment.

2014 Exterior Color Trends Red

Add a pop of color by painting your front door Rum Runner red, mix in colorful seating or accessories and some planters overflowing with pink, red or orange flowers. (image via Sophia’s)

2014 Exterior Color Trends Classic French Gray with Raucous Orange

Spice up Warm Gray DaVinci Multi-width Slate and Classic French Gray with a Raucous Orange front door. (image from designonce)

Exterior Color Trends 2014 Bellaforte Sabino and Dynamo

Some regions of the country have an affinity for bold color. If your home is in one of these areas push it to the max by using a color like Dynamo. What an unlikely but perfect counterpoint to Bellaforté Sabino (image via Dwell.com)

Who Else Is Talking About This Trend

2014 Exterior Home Color Trends PPG Red Orange

Pittsburg Paints also shows many reds, pinks and oranges in their trends forecast. Pink City is one of my favorites. “Mysterious, exotic, sensual, and eclectic. Like the Indian Pink City of Jaipur for which it is named, the Pink City palette vibrates with the very pulse of life and the spirit of adventure.”

2014 Exterior Color Trends PPG Red Orange

Another Pittsburgh Paints color trends palette that includes both red and orange is Ech Echo. “EcoLoco is the current trend that speaks of freedom and new possibilities. Ecoloco is audacious, humorous and exuberant at heart. It combines glamour and eccentricity and revisits the classics with irreverence.”

2014 Exterior Color Trends Sherwin-Williams red orange

Sherwin-Williams included pink, red, and orange among the colors in their 2014 color palette called Intrinsic gives an “earthy, folkloric aesthetic to this new Bohemianism.”

Now is the time to show the world you aren’t sitting by and letting the world pass you by. Get bold. Go bright. Give you home a brilliant new look.

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