Afraid of Going Too Dark on the Roof… What Do You Think?

The stucco on my house is a light pink, with a dark green trim. The stone on the front has pink and green highlights in it. I am afraid of going too dark on the roof, and am not sure what collar would look best. What do you think?

Terry Jackson
Fort Collins, CO
Product: Bellaforté Shake

Hi Terry,

I have looked at your images and I agree you won’t want to go too dark on your roof.

I understand you like both the DaVinci Multi-Width Shake in either the Tahoe or Mountain blend. Color-wise you are on the right track. Finding a color that blends with your stone will tie to elements together and open up many possibilities for siding and trim if you decide to change your color scheme.

That being said I think the Mountain blend appears to be a bit too dark for the tones in your stone and the home overall. Since you are already voicing a concern about going too dark I don’t believe you would be delighted with this color.

I think Tahoe looks like just the right lightness/darkness and the colors in the tiles appear to blend well with the stone. You will want to view the tile samples near the actual stone on the front of your home to confirm that what I am seeing is true in the natural light around your home before you make a final decision to be sure the colors are pleasing. If you like what you see then I think you will be very pleased with this blend on your entire roof.

I hope that helps make your decision a little easier.


Kate Smith
DaVinci Roofscapes Color Expert