All hail, HAIL!

We’re entering the time of year again when severe storms can pop up, bringing chunks of hail down from the sky to damage your roof.

Hail can range in size from tiny pea shapes to golf balls to soft ball sizes. But, the size isn’t as important as the impact hail can make — on cars, landscaping and, your roof.

Just imagine a baseball being dropped from an airplane at about 30,000 feet. As it falls to the ground it gains speed and can hit a roof at about 120 mph. That’s the kind of impact some hail storms can have on roofs.


Hail deserves our respect … and your home deserve a Class 4 impact-resistant composite roofing from DaVinci Roofscapes to help protect your home. (See Roof Hail Damage No Fun)

Here’s what roofers think of our imitation slate and composite shake roofing:

“The peace of mind that comes with an impact-resistant roof of the quality made by DaVinci is dramatic for homeowners. In the 11+ years I’ve been installing DaVinci polymer roofing, we’ve never had one of their roofs totaled by hail.”

Mike Heiland, president of Heiland Roofing and Exteriors in Kansas.

“There were grapefruit-sized hail and 60 mph winds that pounded our area. A DaVinci Aberdeen simulated slate roof we installed a few weeks beforehand in Nichols Hills received minimal damage — especially compared to the concrete tile roof next door that was totally destroyed.”

Jim Hofegartner, president of Central Roofing and Construction Co. in Oklahoma

“Every ceramic, concrete, metal, asphalt and composite roof I’ve seen in this area has been damaged by the hail storms. However, the synthetic slate DaVinci roofs we’ve installed over the past several years on homes in the same area are completely unaffected. It’s like a Superman roof that nothing can touch. The synthetic roofing material looks like it was just installed yesterday.”

Thad Jennings, president of Jenco Roofing in Oklahoma