Architect Gives Insights Into Specifying DaVinci

Architect Emily Koenig, AIA, with ekoe architecture, has waited 10 years to specify DaVinci Roofscapes synthetic roofing. She was searching for the perfect project … and she found it when asked to recommend new roofing materials for St. Mary’s Catholic Church in St. Benedict, Kansas.

Constructed in 1894, the church is listed on both the Kansas Register of Historic Places and the National Register of Historic Places. Here’s why Koenig decided to specify DaVinci synthetic shakes on this historic church.


DaVinci: Why did you recommend and specify DaVinci products for the church roof?

Koenig: The St. Mary’s Parish Building Committee came to us with the charge of finding a roofing material that was representative of the character and (in essence) history of the church.  The original roof was wood shingle, although it had been covered by galvanized metal some years/decades past.  In their earliest inquiries, prior to seeking architectural assistance, the committee had found the DaVinci product and brought it to the table as one of the many options for the project ahead.

DaVinci: What specifically made you think that our product would be a good fit for this historic church? 

Koenig: Although not a “historic” product, the DaVinci Roofscapes shake shingles not only had the aesthetic characteristics the project team was seeking (texture, scale, and color of the original construction), but also the modern benefits of a resilient material.  These benefits gave the church some reassurance that the material would withstand the (at times brutal) Kansas weather.

The committee was looking for a low maintenance, long-lasting roofing material.  The metal roof had withstood the test of time (50+ years) and we wanted to make sure that this application would be similar for them.  The company’s published reports and case studies proved that it would not significantly fade in the sunlight, nor see excessive damage with common wind and hail.  The shingles are locally manufactured and readily available as needed by the parish.  Area roofing contractors had positive experiences with the product, further helping provide confidence in its installation.

DJI_0531  DJI_0541(1)

DaVinci: Why haven’t you ever specified DaVinci for a project in the past?

Koenig: Some years ago (10+) I had specified DaVinci Roofscapes for a custom residential project. While that project didn’t end up using DaVinci shingles because of budget limitations, I was “sold” on the product’s potential and was eager to do the necessary research and ultimately specify it on this project.

DaVinci: Now that the DaVinci roof is in place, how do you think it looks? 

Koenig: The Weathered Gray shake shingle beautifully complements the historic limestone exterior of the church.  It reflects its original (historic) character while providing the added (modern) benefit of longevity and limited maintenance.  The “aged” aesthetic of the Weathered Gray blend was the perfect pick for the intended outcome and has received significantly positive response.