Ask a Roofer: Custom Roofing, Inc.

During the past several years, Custom Roofing, Inc. out of Victoria, British Columbia has installed almost a dozen DaVinci Roofscapes composite shake and slate roofs. Faced with unique weather conditions in Canada, the roofing team has discovered that many benefits of DaVinci products are just as valuable “north of the border” as they are in the United States.

Caleb Friesen, owner and president of Custom Roofing, offers his insights on the advantages of synthetic roofing for all homeowners throughout North America.

DV: What makes DaVinci products a good investment for homeowners in your marketplace?

Friesen: First, it’s an amazingly attractive product with an authentic appearance. Second, the aspect of being virtually maintenance-free and the longevity of performance is incredibly appealing to people who live in either oceanfront or forest areas.


DV: Which DaVinci features do your customers appear to appreciate the most?

Friesen: Definitely the lack-of-concern needed about moss and algae growth, which can be very intrusive and even damaging to roofs in our area. Also, the maintenance-free experience, UV resistance, Class A fire rating, 110 MPH wind warranty, and beautifully natural appearance have led to many of our customers choosing a DaVinci roof.


DV: What type of projects have you completed using DaVinci roofs?

Friesen: Many different types. There’s a beautiful oceanfront home where we installed a Single-Width Slate roof on it in Smokey Gray VariBlend, the replacement of cedar shakes on a massive Tudor-style 1911 home with Bellaforté Shake in Mountain VariBlend, the addition of Bellaforté Shake in Tahoe VariBlend on a seven-level home on a rocky hillside, and many more. Our experiences have all been positive and every one of our customers is exceptionally pleased with their DaVinci roof.


DV: From your perspective as an experienced roofer, what should homeowners look for when hiring a roofer?

Friesen: Seek out multiple quality references and look for very detailed quotes that specify with clarity the methods used and products supplied to complete your potential roofing project.  Look for a firm that practices “excellence and integrity” in every aspect of their work.  At our company we practice this in the products we offer, the way we communicate with our customers, how we complete projects, how we handle profits and in our relationship within the community. Seek out a company with these type of standards and you’re aligning with the best.