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From the Architect’s Corner – FREE Online Learning!

Have you ever wondered what a color expert would tell you if you asked the question, “What order should I… Read More


Come See Us at Greenbuild 2016

Headed to Los Angeles next week for Greenbuild 2016? Be sure to come by booth 2513 to visit with the… Read More


From the Architect’s Corner – Come see us at CONSTRCT 2016

Next week we will be exhibiting our green roof systems at CONSTRUCT 2016 in Austin, Texas. Swing by booth #… Read More

Polymer Slate

Featured Project – Pebble Beach, CA

California wildfires have been all over the news these last few months. In June, fires in Monterey County burned down… Read More


Featured Project – Aspen, CO

Back when we first came out with our Class A Fire Rated shake, we knew we had to develop color… Read More

Polymer Slate

Featured Project – Fort Worth, TX

The hail storms of 2016, while certainly a burden for many, are also an opportunity for people to replace their… Read More


Featured Project – Newton Square, PA

Customizing your roof can seem like a scary process. What if you can't land on the right color combination, or… Read More


Featured Project – Saffordville, Kansas

If your vacation home is sitting empty for parts of the year, it is important to find the right exterior… Read More


Featured Project – Avon, CO

I imagine when a roofing company like TCC Roofing sits down at the kitchen table with a homeowner and uses… Read More


Featured Project – Fontana, WI

Natural slate, while beautiful, comes with its down falls. It is heavy, it is expensive, and it requires a considerable… Read More


Featured Project – Dawsonville, GA

Ever since we rolled it out, Bellaforté Shake has exceeded expectations with architects, roofing contractors, and homeowners. These lightweight tiles… Read More


Featured Project – Winchester, MA

Some roofs are pretty simple, but some are full of hips, valleys, and dramatic pitch changes. This week's featured project… Read More

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