Baron Georgian Colonial


We need a new roof and love the look of the DaVinci products! Our Georgian Colonial home is a light beige with green shutters. It sits on the end of a cul-de-sac so you see A LOT of roof as you drive up the road. Can you help us pick a good roof color and style? And we are open to changing our green shutters.

Thank you so much!

Christine Baron
Mahopac, NY
Product: Slate


Dear Ms. Baron,

I recommend the Bellaforté Slate for your home. It fits with the style of home. The size and pattern of the Bellaforté Slate will give your roof dimension without being too busy when you see a large portion of the roof as you approach the cul-de-sac.

To give you an updated look would go with a gray roof. From the photo it looks like the stone on your home has a fair amount of gray. Choose from Slate Gray-VariBlend or Smokey Gray-VariBlend depending on which one looks the best to you against your home. Either will look great so trust your judgment.

Polymer Slate RoofIf you'd like to keep with a brown roof the Brownstone-VariBlend would also be a good choice.

With either your can keep the shutters green or go with a new color. With either of the gray roof colors and light beige siding you can choose from just about any color family for your shutters. Black, green, brick red, even blue could all work. For your style home I'd look for a deep rich color that is slightly toned down, muted or grayed rather than bright, vibrant colors. These are often the types of colors you find in the historic color collections offered by most paint companies.

With the Brownstone roof you could go with a deep rich brown in a tone that blends with the roof, deep warm red, or maybe get a bit bold and try teal. Teal or blue could also be a nice front door color with a Brownstone roof.

I hope that helps you make the roof selection for your lovely home a little bit easier.


Kate Smith
DaVinci Roofscapes Color Expert