Bellaforté installtion tip

By now many roofing contractors know how easy DaVinci’s Bellaforté is to install. For those contractors that haven’t yet had the chance to install Bellaforté there is a tip or two that can make things even easier. One of the questions that usually comes up is “how do I install roof jacks so I can drop in toe boards for those steeper pitched roofs?” Actually, installing snow guards on a Bellaforté roof is basically the same question. In fact, there are several situations when installing a Bellaforté roof where the answer is to remove all or some of the ledge on the back of the tile. The attached video will show just how easy that process is.

Keep in mind that Bellaforté is DaVinci’s lower cost manufactured slate tile and is a great steep slope roofing choice. It is roofing material that has exceptionally high performance, looks great, is easy to install, and if you are an installer is good for business. Please check out my post “Bellaforté Makes More Money for Contractors” in this same blog.

See complete installation guide for Bellaforte.