Bellaforté on Virginia Restaurant

Bellaforté by DaVinci was the product chosen for the Ole Liberty Station in Bedford, Virginia.  The restaurant, formerly a train station which was built in 1881, has a rich history in the town of Bedford.  Unfortunately a fire destroyed much of the building last year.  The restaurant was able to re-build – including a new Class A Fire Rated DaVinci Roof – and reopen in February.  Stay tuned to our blog for more details on this project!

Bellaforté is the newest addition to our line of sustainable roofing materials.  Introduced in 2009, the imitation slate tiles come in two solid colors and two color blends

What makes these green roofs sustainable?  At 100 pieces per square, less material is needed to complete a job, which shrinks the carbon footprint of the project.  It is also lighter to ship so more material can fit on a truck, and isn’t brittle so little jobsite waste is created.  Add our 50 year warranty to that and these imitation slate tiles are an environmentally friendly option for any home or building. 

Call or email us today to learn more about Bellaforté and check back with this blog for more information on this project! 

Slate Black Bellaforte