Bellaforté Slate feedback

Now that we are getting our new composite slate product, Bellaforté, installed in many places throughout the country I’m starting to get feedback from a diverse group of roofing installers. Almost universally they love the fact that there are only 100 tiles per square instead of 210 in our multi-width product. They also love the fact they need to chalk very few, if any lines. One contractor told me that even though it may not seem to be a big deal he could nail down 24 square of Bellaforté  with a box of stainless steel nails instead of 17 squares a box with our traditional products. “At over $350 a box for nails that ain’t peanuts.”

Contractors also like the look of the Bellaforté once it is installed. Bellaforté has a much bigger exposure and a more formal look than other manufactured slate tiles. It is a very good choice for homeowners than want a structured look.

Talk to our product specialist about putting Bellaforté on your project.