Benefits of Polymer Shake

DaVinci ShakeAre you in the market for a new roof? You like the shake look, but you’re wondering if you should go with a fake cedar shake roof rather than a natural shake roof?

Here are some of the benefits of our polymer shake shingles:


    • Thickness – As you may or may not know, in the world of natural shake, the thicker the shake shingles, the more expensive the product is. However, our cedar shake roofing is already thick –  5/8″ Hand-Split, 1″ Bellaforté, and 7/16″ Fancy Shake.


    • Multiple Widths – This ties into the authentic look of the product – our Hand-Split has 5 widths whereas our Fancy Shake has 3 widths. Natural shake has multiple widths that happen naturally.


    • Color Blends – We sell our shake products in various color blends that mimic natural shake colors that have been on roofs for a long time or have been freshly installed.  We vary the hues of the shingles ever so slightly so that we achieve that authentic look when it’s up on the roof.


    • Waste During Installation – Our shakes have very little waste during installation (meaning, you wouldn’t have to pay for as much material or labor as you would with a natural shake product).


    • Fire Performance – With specialty underlayments our shakes have a fire retardant Class A rating ASTM E 108 / UL 790 – which is not achievable with natural shakes.


    • Freeze/Thaw Resistant – Since our product is man made, it doesn’t have the natural freeze/thaw cycle that a natural product does. The more the natural product freezes and thaws, the more it breaks, cracks, becomes brittle, exposing itself to bugs, weather, pests and more.


    • Color Fade Resistant – As you know, a brand new cedar shake roof is almost orange in color and then quickly fades over time. However, with our product, you can order the color you want and know that’s the color you will have on your roof for the rest of the roof’s life.


    • Maintenance Free – Hitting on the freeze/thaw resistant benefit, our product, since it doesn’t react to freeze/thaw cycles like a natural product, is virtually maintenance free. However, you often see natural cedar roofs that require replacement of individual shingles over time. Sometimes entire ridges and hips need to be replaced – it’s always funny to see a roof that has just the ridges and hips replaced because they are bright orange and the rest of the roof is the old faded color. Not something to worry about with DaVinci.


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