Can You Spot The 3 Reasons This Exterior Color Scheme Works?

It is hard not to take notice of a good looking person or a beautiful home. The thing about people is that we usually know why we find them attractive. The same isn't always true for a home that catches our eye. We simply like it and don't give a great deal of thought as to why.

Matching you green roofing options to the elements of your home.

But just as understanding your own preferences can help you to find the right mate, understanding what attracts you to a home can help you to make your own home more appealing. To get you started thinking about how to articulate what it is about a home that you love, I'm going to show you an example of a home and tell you why I like it. Whether you agree or not is a matter of personal taste, but I hope it will get you thinking about what it is that makes some homes more attractive to you than others.

I like this home because each detail stands on its own yet the façade is strong as a whole. Here are the three reasons why:

1. The colors of the stone on the façade and the colors of both the metal roof and roofing tiles all work together. These three features all harmonize and include tones of the colors from the stonework. By blending the colors of the fixed features your eye moves from one to the other seamlessly on the front of a home.

2. The light golden yellow chosen for the main paint color and the similar colors chosen for the trim also picks up on the lighter tones in the stonework. 

3. A trim with strong contrast would have called too much attention to the windows. Instead the homeowner allowed their shape and the shadows from the inset to define them.

Do you agree? Can you define the characteristics that make your own home stand out? Give it a try; you may just fall in love with your home all over again.