Castle Gray-VariBlend or Slate Gray-VariBlend?

I wanted to get your opinion to see what you would suggest of color options we should consider for our Tudor style house in Lincoln, NE. We are going to go with the Single-Width or Bellaforté tiles.

Tate Johnson
Lincoln, NE
Product: Castle Gray-VariBlend, Gray Polymer Tiles



You have a lovely home with classic details. I think Castle Gray is a good choice in keeping with the style and period of your home.

Either the DaVinci Single-Width or Bellaforté profile would work. I prefer the larger Bellaforté tiles for your roof because of the scale of your home. I also think the look will be closer to your original look of the roof.

I hope that helps you to make a final decision.


Kate Smith
DaVinci Roofscapes Color Expert