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DaVinci Shake – Weathered Gray

From the Architect’s Corner – Lake Houses

If your client has a lake house, he or she will be looking for exterior materials that can protect the… Read More


From the Architect’s Corner – After the Storm Project Update

As we come up on the second anniversary of Hurricane Sandy, showing off a project in New Jersey where a… Read More

Polymer Roof Tiles

From the Architect’s Corner – A Helpful Tip

A new, composite shake or slate roof can change the entire look of your project. Unless your client routinely does major… Read More

Fake Cedar Shake

From the Architect’s Corner – Vertical Applications

Cedar roof shingles are commonly used as siding and on mansard roofs. But with the shake look comes those pesky… Read More


From the Architect’s Corner – Customization Doesn’t Have to Mean Changing It All

When you are working with 49 individual colors it can become pretty easy to overcomplicate things. Typically, the quest for… Read More


From the Architect’s Corner – Recently Featured Projects

Many of my conversations with architects include discussing other projects similar to the ones they are working on themselves. Here… Read More

Bellaforte Shake

From the Architect’s Corner – Utilize Our Local Support

I work with architects every day, offering all the support I can over the phone or via email, all from… Read More


From the Architect’s Corner – A Red Luxury Roof

Have a project that has you seeing red (but in a good way)? If you are working on a home… Read More


From the Architect’s Corner – Free Online Continuing Education for Architects

Have you ever wondered what a color expert would tell you if you asked the question, “What order should I… Read More


From the Architect’s Corner – Waste is so…Wasteful

If you’re like me you hate the thought of jobsite waste. This morning I searched the web to see exactly… Read More


From the Architect’s Corner – Replacing Old Shakes (Before & After)

When talking to architects about the products they are going to recommend to their clients, most of the time our… Read More


From the Architect’s Corner – Residential Projects

May is finally here! The snow is melted (in most parts) and it is time to get inspired by what… Read More

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