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From the Architect’s Corner – DaVinci Shake Accents Paired with a Flat Roof

We don't (typically) get a lot of interest on behalf of homes or buildings with flat roofs. Makes sense, as… Read More


From the Architect’s Corner – CO Before and After

This home’s transformation going from shingles to a polymer slate tile roof is remarkable. The original roof, a brown shingle,… Read More

polymer shake

From the Architect’s Corner – From Spec to Finish

It is always exciting to see the projects you work on go from idea to reality! Last fall the architect… Read More


From the Architect’s Corner – Digital Asset Library

Going paperless? Need an update to an existing architectural binder? Our website offers all documents found in our binders in… Read More


From the Architect’s Corner – Share Your Project

The story of choosing a roofing product for a commercial or residential project can be told from many perspectives. In… Read More

photo of home exterior

From the Architect’s Corner – Before and After with Slate Gray

In marketing we often use phrases like, “Give your home a total makeover!” and things along those lines. We aren’t… Read More


From the Architect’s Corner: Featured Projects

The great thing about this blog is that we can regularly feature projects so that we almost always have a project… Read More


From the Architect’s Corner – Beating the Objections Week 4 – What is Your History?

As I come up on my 10th Anniversary here at DaVinci, I no longer feel like I am talking about… Read More


From the Architect’s Corner – Beating the Objections Week 3 – I’m Stuck on Color

"What color would you use on this home?" Decisions, decisions! I admit, I am guilty of playing it probably too… Read More


From the Architect’s Corner: Beating the Objections Week 2 – Why Does Bellaforté Cost Less?

In Week 1 I discussed how to overcome a price objection by pointing out not only the overall value of our products,… Read More


From the Architect’s Corner – Beating the Objections Week 1

I wish I could say all our clients are 100% sold before they reach us, but that is just not… Read More


From the Architect’s Corner – Residential Projects

As often as I can I feature residential projects installed by longtime contractors. Below is a recap of a few… Read More

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