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From the Architect’s Corner – Replacing a Natural Slate Roof with a Slate Alternative

Every day I talk to architects working on existing homes or buildings that have an old slate roof that has… Read More


From the Architect’s Corner – NJ Before and After

With before and after photos there isn’t really much for me to say in a blog other than “check these… Read More


From the Architect’s Corner – Residential Projects

There are many ways you and your clients can become educated on DaVinci and the polymer roofing products we offer…. Read More

DaVinci Shake

Historical Project? Think DaVinci!

Many architects that are in charge of the renovation of a historical project consider DaVinci lightweight roofing systems. Why? Well,… Read More


From the Architect’s Corner – Copper Accents

Using copper for flashings and accents with a quarried slate roof or thick cedar shakes (back when shakes lasted more than 10 years) has… Read More


From the Architect’s Corner – Impact Resistant Roofing

Every spring for the last several years, a large hail storm has done some pretty significant damage somewhere. We've seen the… Read More


From the Architect’s Corner – Matching an Existing Roof

A common scenario – your client is ready for a roof, but doesn't want to change the look of the… Read More


From the Architect’s Corner – Small Structures

This morning I opened up my web browser to see yet another article about tiny houses and the movement for… Read More


From the Architect’s Corner – Replacing Cedar with a Polymer Shake Tile

There's no question that cedar shake makes a beautiful roof. It can, however, have it's shortcomings. Wood deteriorates due to normal… Read More


From the Architect’s Corner – The FRESH Approach to Choosing Exterior Color Course Preview #3

In our new course, The FRESH Approach to Choosing Exterior Colors, Color Expert Kate Smith explains how the color scheme… Read More


From the Architect’s Corner – The FRESH Approach to Choosing Exterior Color Course Preview #2

Think the FRESH Approach, as described by DaVinci Roofscapes' Color Expert Kate Smith, is only for residential projects? Think again!… Read More


From The Architect’s Corner – The FRESH Approach to Choosing Exterior Color Course Preview

Have you ever wondered what a color expert would tell you if you asked the question, "What order should I… Read More

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