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Earn CEU Credits: Quickly and Easily

Are you a professional seeking an interesting course to earn your required continuing education credits? Fantastic because we've got just… Read More


Do You Know Why Red & Green Are the Colors of Christmas?

Red and green have come to be known as the colors of Christmas but have you ever wondered how these… Read More


2013 Color Trends: Why Neutrals Continue To Attract Us

Does the amount of information coming at you everyday leave you wishing you could turn off your eyes and ears… Read More


2013 Color Trends: Bring On The Blues

Blue remains on trend because we find stability and security in this tried and true color. With global issues, environmental… Read More

Brown pumpkin inspired color scheme

See How The Many Colors of Pumpkins Inspire Exterior Color Schemes

There are so many reasons I love Autumn. The colors of the fall foliage, ripe red apples, Indian corn and… Read More


Whoever Said You Can’t Have A Pink House?

Pink and the month of October have become linked by the many organizations that support breast cancer awareness. With so… Read More


Color Trend For Kitchen Inspired By Roofing Material

At DaVinci, slate is in our DNA. We love the beauty of the many variations of this timeless material. It… Read More


The Colors Matched When I Picked Them Out. Why Don’t They Match Now?

You spent time carefully matching one color to another only to find that when you got home the colors no… Read More


What Is Colorcast & Why Is It Important?

I have been talking about exterior colors and materials for so long that it is easy to forget that not… Read More


Can You Spot The 3 Reasons This Exterior Color Scheme Works?

It is hard not to take notice of a good looking person or a beautiful home. The thing about people… Read More


8 Sure Fire Ways to Create a Colorful Outdoor Space-Part 2

There may be no better place to spend time than in your own backyard. In Part 1, Tips 1-5 gave… Read More


8 Sure Fire Ways to Create a Colorful Outdoor Space-Part 1

When you think exterior color, don't limit your thoughts to just the house. Color can turn a backyard into an… Read More

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