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Polymer Slate

Featured Project – Pebble Beach, CA

California wildfires have been all over the news these last few months. In June, fires in Monterey County burned down… Read More


Featured Project – Aspen, CO

Back when we first came out with our Class A Fire Rated shake, we knew we had to develop color… Read More

Polymer Slate

Featured Project – Fort Worth, TX

The hail storms of 2016, while certainly a burden for many, are also an opportunity for people to replace their… Read More


Featured Project – Newton Square, PA

Customizing your roof can seem like a scary process. What if you can't land on the right color combination, or… Read More


Featured Project – Saffordville, Kansas

If your vacation home is sitting empty for parts of the year, it is important to find the right exterior… Read More


Featured Project – Avon, CO

I imagine when a roofing company like TCC Roofing sits down at the kitchen table with a homeowner and uses… Read More


Featured Project – Fontana, WI

Natural slate, while beautiful, comes with its down falls. It is heavy, it is expensive, and it requires a considerable… Read More


Featured Project – Dawsonville, GA

Ever since we rolled it out, Bellaforté Shake has exceeded expectations with architects, roofing contractors, and homeowners. These lightweight tiles… Read More


Featured Project – Winchester, MA

Some roofs are pretty simple, but some are full of hips, valleys, and dramatic pitch changes. This week's featured project… Read More


Featured Project – Ft. Worth, TX

When you look at a roof, your attention mainly goes to the field tiles, which are the tiles that make… Read More

Designer ROof

Featured Project – Englewood, CO

The Aberdeen Blend is one of our more colorful options in our Multi-Width Slate line. The blend is comprised of… Read More


Featured Project – Chicago, IL

“Can your products be installed over a curve?”. This is a question that we get often. The answer (generally) is… Read More

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