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Polymer Roof Tiles

Roofer Tips for Retrofitting Snow Guards

Spring weather often means phones are ringing with new business for roofers. Sometimes the calls are about roofs installed last… Read More


Demystifying Snow Guards

What are those funny-looking "things" that poke up from rooftops in some areas of the country? They're snow guards —… Read More


It’s Never Too Late for Snow Guards

Are you in between major snow storms and regretting your decision not to have snow guards installed? Not to worry… Read More

Eco-Friendly Roof

Tips for Solar Panel Installations on Polymer Roofing

How green are you? If you’re like many environmentally-conscious homeowners, it’s not enough to recycle your newspapers and compost old… Read More


Snow Guard Solutions in 2016

Congratulations … you're ready to start 2016 by investing in a new designer roof from DaVinci Roofscapes. You've made all… Read More

Designer Roof

Tips for Cold Weather Installations

In many parts of the country, almost balmy weather conditions made December a dream month for roofers. Forget about layering… Read More

Snow Guards

Snow Guards + Snow Fences = Smart Decision

Nestled amidst stunning mountain peaks and world-famous ski conditions, Fleur du Lac Estates near Lake Tahoe can experience heavy snowfall during… Read More

polymer r oof

Roofers Keep Working in Frigid Temps

Add another layer … it's time to get serious about installing roofing systems in cold weather. Along with adding extra… Read More


Doubling Up: Snow Guards and Snow Fence on Colorado Church

Members of the Good Shepherd Episcopal Church in Centennial, Colorado now have a new DaVinci Roofscapes synthetic shake overhead. And,… Read More


Snow Worries

You've probably heard the nationwide winter weather forecast by now. It's a strong El Nino year and while that can… Read More

Polymer Roofing

Brrrrrisk Polymer Roofing Installations

Break out the pocket warmers and the heavy-duty work gloves. Temperatures are dropping and that means getting yourself and your… Read More

ice dam explanation graphic

For DaVinci Composite Roofing, Remember the Membrane!

Autumn nights are just starting to offer cooler temperatures, but it’s already time to start thinking about how your roof… Read More

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