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Polymer Roofing

Nailing No-No’s

"Oh no … my contractor didn't read the instructions and used the wrong nails!" That was the bewildered cry of… Read More

davinci polymer roof tiles and exacto knife

Tim’s Tips Times Two

This posting could easily be called “A Tale of Two Tim’s” … that’s because we have TWO Tim experts to… Read More


Snow Guards Needed for Synthetic Slate Roof

Tim Carter, founder of AsktheBuilder.com, has undertaken a special project this summer — installing a DaVinci Roofscapes Single-Width Slate roof… Read More

davinci roof with snowgaurd roofing tile snow

Summertime Forecast: Snowguards!

Oh, how quickly we forget. Just a few months ago a majority of the country was digging out from record… Read More

Polymer Roof Tiles

Accessorizing Your Designer Roof

Think accessories are just for the fashion industry? Think again. If you’re a roofing installer looking to finish a course,… Read More


Springtime Snow Guard Installations for Synthetic Roofing Material

Whew! Winter is gone and so is the snow. Think back though … if you have synthetic roofing material on… Read More

Slate installation tips – red chalk line stain

Chalk it up to Experience

One of the handiest things a roofer can have in his toolbox is a chalk line. Reliable for creating straight… Read More


Reduce Jobsite Waste with DaVinci Roofscapes

If you’re like most contractors or roofers, you’re looking for ways to save time and money on the jobsite. Oftentimes… Read More

Fake Shake Roof

Roofing ROI

It’s no secret that home upgrades cost time and money. But certain projects can actually save you money in key… Read More

davinci snow guards on roof

Record Snowfalls Remind Us to Have Snowguards for Composite Roofing

At least eight feet of snow fell in the Boston area this past winter season — probably more by the… Read More

Polymer Roof

Do Extreme Freeze-Thaw Cycles Affect DaVinci Roof Tiles?

In some parts of the country roofing materials experience very harsh weather with extreme temperature change. The high country in the… Read More

Snow Guards

I Should Have Gotten Snow Guards

A freak hail storm three years ago in western North Carolina destroyed my asphalt roof shingles. Happily, that damage led… Read More

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