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New Trend for HOAs – Polymer Shake!

Natural shakes roofs are very popular but unfortunately are highly flammable. While the use of fire-retardant materials can reduce their… Read More

cedar shake alternative

Uh Oh! I Found a Leak! Now What?

Melting snow, hail and rain might uncover a leak you never knew existed. In some situations, a roof patch can… Read More

lightweight roofing systems

Pick Your Profile!

Material choice is an important factor in roofing that not only determines the success of a project, but also whether… Read More


Cedar Shakes Take Back Seat to Polymer Shake Tiles

Since 1990, more than 200 rustic log cabins have created the Stonebridge Log Home community in Todd, N.C. The 500-acre… Read More

DaVinci Shake Used as Siding and on Roof

DaVinci Shake as Siding

Our polymer shake looks lovely up on a roof but that's not the only place to use it. It can… Read More


Protect Your Property with a DaVinci Roof

A home is one of the largest investments we make, and homeownership often comes with a few trials and tribulations,… Read More


Go Ahead … Tell the Truth

You don’t need a polygraph machine to take part in national “Tell the Truth Day.” Today is simply the day… Read More


10 Years = 50 Million Roofing Tiles

DaVinci Roofscapes®, the leader in composite roofing tiles, calculates that the company has manufactured approximately 50 million roofing tiles since… Read More

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