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How Does Made in America Roofing Benefit ME?

Have you ever tried calling a company about a product warranty and ended up speaking with someone in Asia? Or,… Read More

roof tiles with green moss and algae overgrowth

What’s Growing on That Roof?

Yuk. What IS that? Would you believe it’s a real wood roof? Under all that green mold, lichen, algae, fungus… Read More

Fake Cedar Shake

Nature vs. Science—DaVinci Takes on the Age-Old Debate

Polymer Shake Roofing Bridges the Gap The battle of nature vs. science is one that has been argued for centuries…. Read More


Polymer Roofing vs. Slate, Shake, Asphalt, Clay and Concrete

Durable: able to exist for a long time without significant deterioration; lasting. There you have it. Webster’s Dictionary has defined… Read More

Polymer Roof Tiles

Why DaVinci for a Roof Replacement?

If you're a regular reader of our blogs, you know by now that DaVinci is a smart choice for roofing…. Read More

Polymer Roof Tiles

Shopping List for Your Roof

You head to the grocery store with a written list of food items to purchase, so why can’t you do… Read More

Slate Roof

Slate: Mother Nature Versus Man-Made

Real quarried slate has many uses: flooring, chalkboards, signage, and of course, slate roofs. The benefit of real slate as… Read More

Synthetic Shake

Shaking Up the Look of Your Roof

You've definitely decided to invest in composite shake roofing. Congratulations … but you're not quite done making decisions. At DaVinci… Read More

Fake Shake

Bellaforté 101

Today we’re offering a Bellaforté 101 class. This product line is one of our most versatile, dependable and easy-to-install products…. Read More

Fake Slate

Deciding on a Slate Roof

You’re in the market for a new roof, but you can’t decide between real slate and composite slate. We understand… Read More

Fake Cedar Shake

Real Cedar Shingles … Worth the Hassles?

Ask 10 people what's the best thing about real cedar shake roofing and you'll probably get the same answer from… Read More

Fake Slate

A Love Affair with Slate Roofs

Let’s face it … some people are in love with heavy, old, real slate roofs. They think the algae growing… Read More

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