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Slimy Slate Roofs

Yuk. That's the first word that comes to mind when some homeowners discover that their natural slate roof tiles have… Read More


For the Love of Slate!

Love the look of slate on a roof, but concerned with the weight and breakage factors? Then you're a smart… Read More


Garage Sale Find: A DaVinci Roof

May 30th dawned sunny and mild … the perfect day for our annual community yard sale. Signs were posted, balloons… Read More


DaVinci Slate Roofing Rivals Natural Slate

If you're thinking of a natural slate roof for your home, think again. The beautiful look of real slate can… Read More


To Slate, or Not to Slate … That is the Question

It’s not really a trick question. If you want your roofing tile to be heavy, brittle and expensive, then select… Read More


Spring — and Slate — Are in the Air

Winter weather has finally melted away and it’s time for a new roof. Your old natural slate roof took quite… Read More


Fred Flintstone’s Boss Would Love DaVinci Slate Tiles

Even Fred Flintstone's cantankerous boss Mr. Slate would be proud to have DaVinci Roofscapes slate polymer roofing products named in… Read More


Check Out Polymer Slate Roofing Options

Beautiful — check! Long-lasting — check! Durable — double check! If you're thinking of having a new roof installed, you… Read More

Bellaforté Slate

Three Slate Profiles – What’s the Difference?

At DaVinci, we have a complete range of synthetic slate materials that look natural, are easy to install, and last… Read More

DaVinci Roof

Dress Up Your Home With a DaVinci Roof!

Quality construction, regular maintenance, and early diagnosis of problems help to increase the life of a roof. When you use… Read More


Polymer Slate Profiles: Features and Benefits

Have you always wanted a slate roof but your current roof structure can't handle the weight of natural slate? Or… Read More


Lightweight Slate Roofing by DaVinci

At DaVinci, we understand slate. We took an in-depth look at not only the texture but also the color schemes… Read More

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