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How Do DaVinci Imitation Slate Shingles Compare to Natural Slate?

If you are considering a slate roof, no doubt you are looking into your options. In fact, in addition to… Read More

Single Width single-width Tiles

Multi-Width Slate vs. Single Width Slate Profiles

When DaVinci first started out we launched with our flagship product – a multi-width polymer slate profile. These tiles came… Read More

polymer roofing texas roofers

Polymer Roofing vs. Rubber Roofing Materials

When fake slate products were first introduced on the market, a number of them were made from a variety of… Read More

Polymer Slate: Beauty Without the Maintenance

So you're looking at polymer slate roofing products – and you're wondering what choices are out there. Well, you've come… Read More

Bellaforte Fake Slate

Bellaforte Lightweight Roofing Systems: Affordable Elegance

If you are looking for a new roof and would like to have a fake slate or a fake shake… Read More

Lightweight slate roofing

Lightweight Slate Roofing System from DaVinci!

A lightweight slate roofing system has many benefits that outweigh concrete and even natural slate roofing. It reduces the dead… Read More


Polymer Slate – How Does It Compare to the Real Thing?

You might not even be aware that there is such a thing called, "Polymer Slate". What is that anyway?  Polymer… Read More

photo of home exterior

Make Lemonade Out of Lemons

Having a career in the design field, I always appreciate the input of other design professionals. Along with making recommendations… Read More

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