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Shake roof

Eliminate Headaches of a Moldy Roof

On some types of roofs, it’s very possible for algae, fungus and even mold to take hold and grow. And,… Read More


How to Create a Beautiful and Thoughtful Front Yard

By Jenny Peterson, Houzz Details, details, details. You can have the best design and great ideas, but if the project… Read More

Home and garden

How to Harmonize Your Home and Garden

By June Scott, Houzz Eclecticism in designing a garden is trickier than it seems. Combine several styles or elements together,… Read More

Curb Appeal

A Designer’s Top 10 Tips for Boosting Curb Appeal

By Gillian Lazanik, Houzz There’s no need to buy a new house or take on an extensive remodel to get… Read More

Bellaforte Shake

Tips for Selecting a DaVinci Roof

If you’re scratching your head trying to make a decision on composite slate versus synthetic shake roofing, we can help…. Read More

Multi-Width Shake

5 Homeowner Resources for National Curb Appeal Month

To commemorate National Curb Appeal Month in August, DaVinci Roofscapes has compiled a list of five top curb appeal resources… Read More

slate roof

21st-Century Architecture Makes Space for Classical Details

By Steven Randel, Houzz Ancient Greece and Rome obviously provide the origins of classical architecture. What makes the subject relevant… Read More

Upgrade your roof

This Old House Guide to Upgrading Your Roof

You know it’s time. The signs are all there. Curling tiles. Several leaky areas. Faded coloring. There’s no doubt about… Read More

Cedar Shake Roof

Fireworks and Rooftops

Sparklers. Bottle rockets. Roman candles. It seems like fireworks have always been a key part of July 4th celebrations. While… Read More

Synthetic Shake

Easy-Care Home Improvements for Aging Baby Boomers

Are YOU a Baby Boomer? Independent and plentiful in numbers, Baby Boomers are a major part of America’s housing outlook…. Read More

Synthetic Slate Roof

Understand Your Roof Warranty

If you're considering the purchase of a new roof, make sure to carefully and fully read through the manufacturer's warranty…. Read More

front door with pendant light and matching sconces

Top 10 Tips to Freshen Up Your Curb Appeal For Spring

By Shane Inman, Houzz Life is all about first impressions, and this is as true of homes as it is… Read More

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