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Upgrade your roof

This Old House Guide to Upgrading Your Roof

You know it’s time. The signs are all there. Curling tiles. Several leaky areas. Faded coloring. There’s no doubt about… Read More

Cedar Shake Roof

Fireworks and Rooftops

Sparklers. Bottle rockets. Roman candles. It seems like fireworks have always been a key part of July 4th celebrations. While… Read More

Synthetic Shake

Easy-Care Home Improvements for Aging Baby Boomers

Are YOU a Baby Boomer? Independent and plentiful in numbers, Baby Boomers are a major part of America’s housing outlook…. Read More

Synthetic Slate Roof

Understand Your Roof Warranty

If you're considering the purchase of a new roof, make sure to carefully and fully read through the manufacturer's warranty…. Read More

front door with pendant light and matching sconces

Top 10 Tips to Freshen Up Your Curb Appeal For Spring

By Shane Inman, Houzz Life is all about first impressions, and this is as true of homes as it is… Read More

Synthetic Roofing Options

Homeowner’s Role in Getting a New Roof

May is the ideal time to take a good look at your home exterior and prepare it for the warm… Read More

synthetic slate shake

5 Extreme Exterior Makeovers

By Becky Harris, Houzz So you love the schools, the neighborhood and the yard, but when you pull up to… Read More

brick house connecting earth to sky

How to Connect Earth and Sky With a Roof Design

By Bud Dietrich, Houzz There are so many important functions for a roof. Though its primary purposes may be to… Read More


Happy March 14th!

Situated right in the middle of the month, March 14th has many special occasions associated with this date. Did you… Read More

Slate Tile Roof

What Roofing Products Roofers Recommend to Their Families

If you have a farmer in the family, you come to expect the best selections of vegetables and fruits on… Read More

simple roof structure diagram

The Components of a Roof Every Homeowner Should Know

By Bud Dietrich, Houzz After you’ve installed your foundation, put down your floor structure and erected your walls, it’s time… Read More


DaVinci Roofscapes: Who is on the Other Side of the Phone Line?

At DaVinci Roofscapes we specialize in the “custom” part of customer service. Danielle Wiese, one of our project specialists, provides… Read More

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