Color Direction for Brick Home in Omaha, NE

We need your thoughts on a blend for our home. Current picture is wood shake and we need to pick a combo ASAP. We like Slate Gray for the main color, but want to combo with these possible options: Med. Chesapeake, Med. Gray, Dark Tahoe, Med or Light Mountain. Or if you already have a mix, like "Blend" Slate Gray, or "Blend" Villa which also looks nice.


TJ Jackson
Omaha, NE
Product: Bellaforté


Hello Mr. Jackson,

I have looked at the photos you submitted of your including the close up of your brick and here are my recommendations for your roof color.

Yes, if you like the look of slate it will work beautifully on your home. I think the Bellaforté slate profile is an excellent choice for your size and style of home.

You mention you like a blend of colors and some possible options you have been considering. Rather than a blend of several different colors however I would recommend staying with like tones in a range of light to dark. 

Your bricks already has a distinct color/pattern variations that are lovely and an eye-catching feature of your home. You do not want to have a roof that also has a distinct pattern that will fight with your bricks for attention but rather a blend that compliments the brick and creates and overall harmonious look.

It is often hard to finalize a color based on photos because what I am seeing might not be an accurate representation of your actual brick colors. Instead I want to give you two color directions to consider and I think by looking at them against your actual brick in good light you will know which is the one to go with.

Look at both the Villa blend and the Cambridge blend. The first it gray and leans towards the color of your grout. The second is more brown and seems to be a nice blend with the brick colors. Either can work but I have a feeling one will simply look a bit better to you than the other based on the actual brick color and your personal taste. Whichever you choose I think you will be very happy with how the Bellaforté slate will give your home a new look.

I hope that information is helpful in making your final selection.


Kate Smith
DaVinci Roofscapes Color Expert