Color From The Top Down Gave This Home $5,000 In More Curb Appeal

Brigitte and Mike Meehan of Elgin, Illinois entered the Shake It Up Exterior Color Contest with a request to transform their cookie cutter house into a home that had a big personality all its own. They loved the results and their new look earned them top prize in the contest. Below I give you the top down approach to creating this winning look.

Synthetic Slate Roof Tiles Brownstone

Starting from the top I knew that an upgraded roof would improve their overall look and be a great investment. The DaVinci Multi-Width Slate was a good match for the style of this home. The Brownstone color blend was a natural choice to blend with the colors in the stacked stone on the exterior.

Stacked Stone Inspires Color For Lightweight Roofing Tiles

Keeping all of the fixed features in the same color range gives a cohesive look to the entire exterior and makes it easier to change the accent colors to give the home a fresh look in the future.

Main Exterior Color To Complement Synthetic Slate Roofing Materials

The existing main color (similar to Taupetone) worked with both the roof tiles and stacked stone so there was no need to repaint. I did however paint the garage door to match the main color to keep the wide, unattractive door from visually advancing. The big white garage door distracted the eye and made the home feel out of balance. The two sides of the home instantly looked more in balance when the garage door was painted to match the home rather than the trim.

Trim Color For Home With Composite Shake

The homeowners wanted a bit more privacy when enjoying their front porch. The perfect solution was to replace the columns of peeling paint and rotting fiberboards with a Fypon columns and balustrade system. Widening the steps to the full width of the opening and adding Fypon rail pieces brought focus to the entry. I choose to paint them Bancroft White. I like the crisp, fresh look against the brown tones of the home.

Red Front Door Enhances Home With Designer Roof

Therma-Tru Classic-Craft Canvas door with two sidelights replaced the existing front door. Painting the door Tanager, a deep red-orange, focuses the eye off center and to the right, a technique to give more weight to the right side of the home and make the home feel more equally balanced on both sides of the entry.

The narrow walkway to the driveway did not add to the landscaping and was too skimpy to even be practical. A wider walkway that curved away from the home replaced the existing walk and created an area for landscaping. Last, landscaping was designed to further enhance the appeal of this home.

How To Choose Exterior Color From The Top Down

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