Composite Roofing Benefits from Snow Retention Assistance

Composite Roofing Snow Retention SystemAfter three roofing contractors included composite roofing by DaVinci Roofscapes in their re-roofing bids, homeowner Gerald Friesen started to take notice. His real wood shingles were curling, and he knew it was time to take preventative action.

Friesen’s 10,000-square-foot Beaver Creek home Colorado home boasts a beautiful stone, stucco and wood combination exterior. He spoke with several roofers to determine the best roof to invest in for long-term confidence.

“Our area gets a tremendous amount of snowfall each year,” says Friesen. “We had ice buildup problems in previous years. One of the things I most wanted to resolve when investing in a new roof is to find a solution to that problem.”

Unique Solution

Once awarded the re-roofing contract, roofer Eddie Leiva went to work. To bring peace-of-mind to his client, he personally designed a unique snow retention system for the new DaVinci Multi-Width Shake roof.

Composite Roofing Snow Retention System

“We recommended a combination of snow guards, heat tape and snow fences to assure that Gerald and his family would not be bothered with avalanches of snowfall,” says Leiva, estimator/project manager with TCC Roofing Contractors Inc. out of Eagle, Colo. “In our geographic market, creating an effective snow retention system is critical.”

Put to the Snow Test

Composite Roofing Snow Retention SystemAfter the composite roofing was installed on Friesen’s home in the summer of 2016, he waited for the first snowfall … and then the second … and then the third. Snowfalls totaled 62 inches in December of 2016, and then another 81 inches were added in January of 2017.

“I have to tell you that the snow retention system Eddie and his team put in place really works,” says Friesen. “Our 2016/2017 winter had some exceptional snowfall, but we had none of the old ice buildup nor slippage problems.

“Overall we like the look of our new composite roofing. Aesthetically it fits our home very well. And, we’re happy that Eddie and his team were so responsive to our needs. The crew was extremely professional. They did what they said they’d do, when they said they’d do it. Having such a courteous, professional company handling such a large project for us gave us confidence we made the best decision for our home.”