Composite Roofing Resists Mold

Ick. MOLD. That four-letter word can cause any homeowner to tremble.

Since September is Mold Awareness Month, our team at DaVinci Roofscapes wants to calm your moldy fears and offer some information and ways to eliminate your designer roof ever being associated with the word "ick."

Designer RoofOverall, mold likes to grow where it's damp. That's why you will see it accumulate on bathroom walls and showers, in not-so-recently opened jars of food that are left too long in the refrigerator, and in closed-in attic spaces.

The best way to prevent the "dreaded mold" is with proper ventilation. So, put on the ceiling fan when taking a shower, tightly seal opened food containers, and add ventilating louvers to your attic.

You should also make sure to add a continuous ridge vent at the top of your roof —- especially in steep slope roofing situations. And, to prevent mold from growing on your designer roof, make sure to research the roofing material you select for your home.

Simulated slate roofing and composite shake tiles from DaVinci resist mold, algae and fungus growth. That's important because natural cedar shake shingles can be a smorgasbord for mold and algae. (See Simulated Shake Roofing Without the Hassles of Real Cedar Roofing)

At DaVinci, we manufacture our tiles to resist these elements of nature — plus insects, decay and rot. Thanks to our proprietary manufacturing techniques and our lifetime warranty on DaVinci plastic roofing materials, you'll never be saying "ick" when looking at your beautiful roof — instead the word coming out will be "ahhhhhh."