DaVinci Roof Tiles Insurance Approved

KANSAS CITY, KAN. – The Texas Department of Insurance (TDI) recently evaluated DaVinci Roofscape’s Shake and Slate roofing tiles, issuing an approval that specifies these products are built to withstand wind loads outlined in the International Residential Code® (IRC) and the International Building Code® (IBC).

The approval means that homeowners living in designated catastrophe areas along the hurricane-prone Texas Gulf Coast now can get insurance coverage for wind and hail damage to their DaVinci roofs, when installed according to the manufacturers’ guidelines. The TDI approval is valid for four years.

Acceptance by TDI makes it easier for contractors, architects and designers to receive approvals and build or remodel roofs using DaVinci’s synthetic shake and slate roofing tiles. In addition to evaluating building products for compliance with specifications, TDI also provides inspection services. TDI certifies to the Texas Windstorm Insurance Association – an organization that provides windstorm and hail insurance for structures located in designated catastrophe areas – that structures are insurable against windstorm and hail losses.

“TDI has an extremely demanding evaluation process,” says Tim Gentry, DaVinci’s director of technical services. “It has to be demanding, since many Texas residents live in designated catastrophe zones along the coast that are vulnerable to hurricanes. Homeowners in these areas with DaVinci roofs can trust that their roofs provide the durability they need. And, they also now have a much easier time getting insurance coverage.”

Gentry said the TDI approval means that, when installed according to DaVinci guidelines, DaVinci Shake and Slate has been qualified for installation in 130 mph wind zones on many roof types. The approval specifies that the maximum allowable uplift pressure be -93.5 psf for shake and -118.5 psf for slate. A Texas Professional Engineer should evaluate each roof specially to determine wind limits.

“The TDI approval shows that our engineered polymer tiles can survive the harshest coastal weather imaginable said DaVinci President and CEO Raymond Rosewall. “The most stringent TDI product evaluators have put them to the test and given their approval, so our customers and dealers can specify DaVinci Slate and Shake with confidence.”

Reaction from DaVinci Distributors

“As a distributor for DaVinci, we’ve had exceptional satisfaction in service and quality with these products,” says Rick McLaughlin, Wholesale Roofing in Grand Prairie and Houston, Texas. “Our contractors continually rave about the ease of application and great aesthetics offered by DaVinci Slate and Shake roofs.

“We’ve always been very pleased with the performance of DaVinci roofs. TDI’s acceptance assures a homeowner who chooses DaVinci that they can rest easy knowing their roof has met extreme weather testing set forth by the Texas Department of Insurance.”

DaVinci Products Satisfy Building Code Requirements Nationwide TDI approval is the latest in a long list of DaVinci product accomplishments. In the past two years, DaVinci Slate and Shake have received the acceptance of Florida’s Miami-Dade Building Code Compliance Office – which specifies some of the toughest qualification criteria in the country – as well as the highly-coveted acceptance of the ICC Evaluation Service, Inc., confirming compliance with the 2003 IBC, the 2003 IRC and the 1997 Uniform Building Code™ (UBC).

Other outstanding durability features of DaVinci Slate and Shake include the highest fire rating (Class A), the highest impact rating (Class 4) and the highest ratings for straight line wind testing at 110 mph. These features can save some homeowners money on insurance premiums. And, both DaVinci Slate and Shake come with a limited 50-year warranty.

DaVinci Product Quality

DaVinci’s proprietary manufacturing process enables them to replicate the authentic look and subtle color variations of natural materials. They are color-through, infused with DaVinci’s unique UV stabilizers so they will resist fading. DaVinci offers the industry’s widest variety of off-the-shelf slate color blends – 19 earth-toned colors and seven traditional blends in addition to solid gray and black. Shakes are available in four standard wood-toned blends with multiple shades per blend for a natural look and authentic appearance every season of the year. Customized blends can be created to suit individual tastes, or even match or create an entirely new color.

DaVinci Slate and Shake also offer substantial cost-savings compared to traditional solutions. Costs are saved initially, and over the roof’s entire life span. Professional contracts can install DaVinci roofs with little training and no special labor, so installations are predictable and hassle-free, saving everyone time and money. DaVinci roofs are maintenance free and resist curling, cracking and fading, mold, algae, fungus and insects under normal conditions. There’s no treating required of the tiles and no termites, silverfish or mold to eradicate. Tiles will not absorb water, so there are no freeze-thaw issues. In most cases, homeowners can save at least half the installed cost of quarried slate or rough-hewn cedar over the life of the roof.

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