DaVinci Roof Tiles: Engineered to Withstand Hurricane Force Winds

Bellaforte Lightweight Roofing TilesIf you live in a region where strong winds and bad storms are common due to hurricanes, then more than likely you are searching for a roofing material that can withstand hurricane force winds and strong impacts.

Hurricanes bring with them high winds, driving rain and flying debris, all of which can severely damage your roof. Our lightweight roofing tiles have been engineered to provide a Class 4 impact rating and superior wind resistance to hurricane force winds. Here’s a breakdown of our various roofing systems and their high wind approvals:

Succesfully tested to 110MPH through the ASTM D 3161 Wind Test:


Miami Dade Code  & Texas Department of Insurance (TDI) Approvals:


You’ll love that our products are really lightweight too – weighing between 200-340 lbs per roofing square (depending on the product you choose). So you don’t have to have a really heavy roof in order to withstand the forces of hurricane winds. In other words, you don’t have to spend more money to beef up your roof structure to support the weight of a heavier roof.

Do you have a DaVinci imitation slate roof? Did you buy it because of it’s hurricane wind resistance? How has it worked out for you? We would love to hear about how well it has performed.

What questions do you have about our lightweight roofing materials? We’re here to help you address any questions you have.