DaVinci Shake Rake Alternative

I personally like to use a rake tile on gable ends when installing the new DaVinci synthetic cedar shake called Bellaforté Shake. It makes the tiles easy to install because the installer doesn’t need to be too concerned with how precise his cuts are on the gable end because the rake tile covers up all the cuts. If you install the rake tile with the optional screw in the butt of the tile (on the fascia side) you will definitely enhance wind performance. But forget about the ease of installation and performance…I like the looks.

We do have customers however that think their style of home just doesn’t look right with rake tile. For those folks we have an optional flashing method.   A piece of flashing commonly called “gravel stop” can be installed to terminate the tiles at the gable ends.  The gravel stop looks like a “T” with leg 4” and  1 ½” on each side of the top of the T.  This should be installed on top of a 24” strip of self-adhered membrane running down the gable end. Once the gravel stop has been installed,  a 12” wide strip of self adhered membrane should be installed on top of the gravel stop so that at least 2 ½” of the 4” leg.

Gravel Stop


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