DaVinci Solid Accessory Tiles

If you're a roofing installer looking to finish a course, rake end or valley with a solid piece of synthetic slate or shake, DaVinci has the solution. Solid polymer DaVinci slate and shake accessory tiles are available in the company's Multi-Width and Valoré product lines.

The unique design of DaVinci composite slate and imitation shake tiles has a rib structure to provide improved rigidity, reduced weight and allows DaVinci to create a thick profile that is lightweight.

“While a solid accessory tile is not required for a successful roof application, we recognize that some installers prefer to use it as an option," says Ray Rosewall, CEO and president of DaVinci Roofscapes. "The solid tile is just another method of blending the appearance of cut tiles to give a polished look to a finished project.”

Available in just the right color to match the color blend you have chosen for your roof, the solid slate synthetic accessory tiles are 18-inches long and 12-inches wide and solid shake accessory tiles are 22-inches long and 12-inches wide.

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