DaVinci Solid Tile

DaVinci cedar shakes are a  composite shake with a very thick profile. In fact, DaVinci synthetic shake shingles are 5/8″ at the butt which is thicker than tradtional “medium” cedar shakes.  In order to manufacture a thick shake while still keeping them affordable, DaVinci Shakes are designed with a rib structure on their underside. While this design has several advantages, it adds a few installation complexities. One example is finishing a flared rake as shown below. This example shows finishing a flared rake with a gravel stop metal edging. The lip of the metal hides the rib-structure of the cedar shake.
Cedar Shake Shingles

An alternative way to finish a rake edge on a DaVinci “wood” shake roof is to use the new DaVinci solid tile. DaVnci now sells solid shakes as an accessory piece. An example of a flared rake with a solid tile is shown below.

Cedar Shake Alternatice