Decisions, Decisions, Decisions…

We are preparing to have a DaVinci cedar shake roof installed. I understand that you will recommend a color. This our home. its a brown stone with gray shutters, but I will likely change the color of the shutters. Than you for your help.

Sherry McNeely
Product: Shake


Hello Mrs. McNeely,

It is difficult for me to see the exact colors in the stone of your home but from what I can see and based on you describing them as brown here is what I recommend.

For your home I would suggest the Bellaforté Shake profile. The DaVinci Single -Width (Valoré Shake) profile is too similar in width to your stone.

I also suggest going with a single color tile with natural variations in the color coming from the technology rather than using more than one color tile in your blend. Look at your stone and choose a color that is in the same tone as the darkest stone. The color should be a medium to dark shade. Dark Stone or Dark Tahoe look like possibilities but work with your rep to get samples to look at against your stone to find exactly the color that is a closest match to that dark stone.

For your shutter color you could go with the same tone as the roof only darker or another color entirely. By coordinating your stone and roofing colors you open the door to a whole range of accent colors allowing you to pick one that best fits your personality.

I can already see your home topped with its new roof. I hope my advice helps you to select the perfect color for your home..


Kate Smith
DaVinci Roofscapes Color Expert