Design Styles: What’s Hot

If you need tax help, you go to a CPA. If your car makes clunking sounds, you visit your trusted mechanic. And, if you want to know what’s hot in home design styles, you go to the experts at The House Designers.

As one of the leading house plan providers in the country, The House Designers supplies consumers and builders with ready-to-build construction drawings for new home projects. They also serve as the exclusive house plan provider for Better Homes and Gardens and Professional Builder. So, this talented team KNOWS what’s hot in home design.

“Craftsman style home plans still lead the way in popularity,” reports Tammy Crosby, chief executive officer with The House Designers. “This is a continuing trend. People across the country love the simplicity and warmth of Craftsman style homes.”

What would one of The House Designers’ popular Craftsman style homes look like with a DaVinci Roofscapes composite slate roof? See for yourself. Here’s an artist rendering of house plan #1999 with a DaVinci roof.

Polymer Slate
“This synthetic shake roof perfectly accents the Craftsman style home design and adds to the overall curb appeal of the house,” says Crosby. “Best of all, DaVinci roofing can be used on almost any style home. We’re also seeing a surge in contemporary style homes and energy efficient house plans with ENERGY STAR® qualified products. Polymer roofing works well with these style homes.”

Along with offering thousands of house plans in 22 different architectural styles, The House Designers also has extensive product information available on its website. If you’re researching product ideas for a new home, click HERE for information on everything from windows to flooring to paint to outdoor kitchens. And, there are more than 300 archived Home Ideas newsletters you can look through for inspiration. (Hint: Think “FRESH” When Selecting Roof Colors)

Don’t forget to check out the roofing section of the Product Ideas Section.  Starting this year, DaVinci Roofscapes has joined with The House Designers as their exclusive roofing partner!