Different Tiles that Make Up the Bellaforté Roof System

Whether this is your first or tenth time looking into a designer roof, you might still be a bit confused about the different tiles that make up a Bellaforté roof. It can be slightly confusing, especially if you don't work in the industry every day like we do.

We have laid out the following photos to hopefully explain the different tiles that make up the Bellaforté fake slate roof system in a manner that is easy to understand.

There are 4 kinds of tiles that your roofer or builder will order when they order a DaVinci Bellaforté roof. These include:

  1. Bellaforté Field Tile – the majority of your order will be the field tile. The field tile covers the large planes of your roof.
  2. Bellaforté Rake Tile – the rake tile is the tile that covers up the field tile at the roof's rakes (gable ends).
  3. Bellaforté Hinged Hip and Ridge Tile – the hinged hip and ridge tile covers the field tile at the roof's hips or ridge or both.
  4. Bellaforté Starter Tile – the starter tiles are literally the first tiles that are laid at the bottom of a roof.


Bellaforte Roof


What questions do you have about luxury roof tiles? Can we help out by doing another blog post like this one with a photo pointing to various spots on a roof?  If so, please just leave a comment and we will do our best to oblige.