Do I Really Need Snow Guards?

When you're working with a builder to construct your dream home, there are lots of decisions to make. What type of wood for the cabinets? Which finish do you want on the appliances? What type of plumbing products do you like?

SnowguardsThe word "overwhelming" comes to mind for homeowner Cindy S., who is in the process of finalizing plans for a new family new home.

"It seems like every hour of the day we're making another major product decision," says Cindy. "We research our options and try to make the best choices, but there are some times that it feels like a crushing process."

After the family decided on a Bellaforté Shake roof from DaVinci Roofscapes, they thought their roofing decisions were over.  Not so fast.

"We average 54 inches a year of snowfall in our area, so people really encouraged us to get snow guards on the roof," says Cindy. "We were reluctant at first, because we didn't want to mar the look of the home's exterior. Then we did the smart thing — we asked the folks at DaVinci what they advised.

"Without hesitation they recommended snow guards because of our geographic setting. Next they connected us with the experts at Rocky Mountain Snow Guards. That was our big turning point.

"The snow guard professionals were able to evaluate our roof plans and house design to determine the most strategic locations for the snow guards. They offered advice on which snow guards will work best for our roof and how many should be installed.

"When we expressed concerns about the appearance of the roof with snow guards, they even recommended we could have them powder coated to match the color of the synthetic shake roof tiles we selected. Sold! Now we're eager for construction to begin and can't wait to see what the roof and the snow guards will look like on our new home."

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