Does Your House Say, “Welcome Home For The Holidays”? Find Out Now

With the holidays approaching now is a great time to ask yourself if your home is ready to welcome your friends and family. Here is a pre-holiday checklist to help you find out.

Bellaforté Slate in Sabino Blend

Is your roof in good shape? A roof that appears well-maintained gives your guest a sense of feeling safe and protected from the elements. If yours needs updating now would be the time to find a replacement that will last long enough to welcome the next generation or two of family members.

Check the overall appearance of your siding, shutters and windows. Is anything in need of repair or sprucing up? Now may be time to make any quick fixes that can be completed before the holidays.

Are the walkways and stairs leading to your home easy to navigate? Uneven surfaces, loose railings or slippery stairs are anything but inviting. They can be hazardous and take the joy out of your guests visit before they even get in the door so take care of those repairs now. Your home will be more pleasing to approach.

Is the pathway to your home well lit? The warm glow of lights invites your guest in makes the approach to your front door enjoyable. When choosing walkway lighting consider safety, too. Lighting can beautify your walkways, but it can also assist in safely getting your guests to and from your home.

Does your front door say, “Welcome”? As the entrance to your home, your front door begins to give visitors a sense of what to expect inside. Take the same care in choosing your color and decorative details of you front door as you do in decorating your interior. A fresh coat of paint in a new color may be all that is needed to spruce up your home. Have a bit of fun and pick a color that gives your home as much personality as you have. Not sure what color that is? Read my previous post to find out what the color of your front door says about you.

Once you've made sure your home is ready to welcome your friends and family all that is left it to put up the holiday decorations and invite everyone over. Who will you be welcoming into your home this year?