Exterior Color Schemes: Chesapeake Roof Recommendations

Envision a house on the bay full of family memories featuring DaVinci’s Chesapeake roof tone. It evokes a tranquil side of home design. This tone can blend with even more relaxing exterior paint colors to create the ultimate oasis.

Homes in any region can capture the feeling of DaVinci’s Chesapeake color by choosing an exterior color scheme befitting of the blend of tones found in this classic roof.

A sure fire way to create an excellent exterior color scheme is by following my “top down” approach to help you narrow down the choices. Start by looking at the color of the roof. From there, follow my FRESH steps to choose each color.

To inspired you to find the right color scheme, I have created five exterior color palettes for homes with DaVinci Shake in the color Chesapeake. Use one of these color schemes exactly as shown, change the accent color to give it a personal touch or use one or more to inspire you to create a scheme of your own.

Night Train

DaVinci Chesapeake is an intricate roof tone using a blend of warm gray, brown and a hint of green. The above paint palette perfectly compliments natural elements of Chesapeake. The mix of light and dark greens along with tan trim, showcase the home, yet camouflage it into its surroundings.

Chesapeake Night Train with house

Sliced Cucumber

Chesapeake is a truly versatile roofing shade. The use of light green as the main color on the home, creates an overall tranquil effect. A darker accent of green in a similar shade brings out the natural colors of the roof. The light and dark shades of green compliment the deep wine color on the front door. This is a perfect way to use a bold color in a subtle manner.

Chesapeake Sliced Cucumber



Feeling blue is a good thing when it comes to pairing it with Chesapeake roofing tiles. The warmth of the tones in Chesapeake provide a cozy border to the cool blue of the main exterior paint color. The tan accent trim draws tones from the roof and connects throughout the home. The accents colors of darker shades of blue and green make for an unexpected, yet upbeat energy to the scheme.

Chesapeake Poolhouse


Amazing Gray

The captivating shake roof style of Chesapeake can also be paired with a color that continues across the rest of the home. Consider a medium tone such as this warm gray then take that one step lighter. This lighter gray with brown tones provides monochromatic edge. The front door then becomes the ultimate focal point in a burst of dark, almost black, green.

Chesapeake Amazing Gray


Ostrich Feather

The scheme above takes this concept one step higher to the lightest tone in the Chesapeake roof tile. This gentle color palette reflects a soft organic feel. The accent color of light airy green also provides a calming feeling connecting the home with nature.

Chesapeake Ostrich Feather


Now tryout these color schemes using our Top Down Color Visualizer. You can upload an image of your own home or see the colors on one of the homes in our gallery as shown above.

**The paint colors used in this article are from Behr, Benjamin Moore, PPG Paints, and Sherwin-Williams. To find out more about any color shown, search online using the color name and number.

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