Factors Spurring DaVinci Sales Growth in 2013 and 2014

With double-digit growth projected for DaVinci Roofscapes in 2013, some people may be curious where the sales are coming from. According to Ray Rosewall, President and CEO of DaVinci Roofscapes, several factors, including the rebounding housing market and unexpected severe weather situations, have positively impacted product sales for DaVinci.

“During the past few years we’ve made great headway with increasing our sales network,” says Rosewall. “That has helped us achieve DaVinci brand recognition and sales growth throughout the United States and Canada particularly as the housing market recovers.

“We’re constantly working to create a strong network of quality professional contractors who we believe will continue using DaVinci products in 2014. We have the best product mix possible connected to top-quality polymer roofing products and believe this combination will lead us to strong repeat product sales to contractors in 2014.”

Along with the recovery of the housing market, Rosewall cites unanticipated severe weather as another factor that can cause short term “surges” in synthetic roofing sales as homeowners deal with the aftermath.

“Unfortunately the severity and increased frequency of extreme weather events is predicted to continue in the future,” says Rosewall. “Since storm damage often affects a home’s roof DaVinci polymer roofing products are embraced by insurers, contractors and homeowners in areas that have experienced severe weather.

“In some regions insurance providers offer incentives to homeowners to use our products. In other areas people make the investment in our roofs after a storm because they have seen their neighbor’s DaVinci roof successfully stand up against the severe weather. As always, we’ll be ready to respond to the needs of homeowners in 2014 whether they’re dealing with roof damage from a storm or simply the need to upgrade an older, inefficient roof.”

To learn more about how DaVinci roofs stand up to severe weather, visit Tennis Balls of Ice Demolish Roof.