Featured Project – Aspen, CO

Back when we first came out with our Class A Fire Rated shake, we knew we had to develop color blends so that each region of the country would have a color option that looked like what they were used to. Due to the climate, natural cedar shakes in mountainous areas age to be a different color than shakes in other parts of the country. From this research, the Mountain Blend was born. In Multi-Width Shake the Mountain Blend consists of three colors – Light Mountain, Medium Mountain, and Dark Mountain and looks just like natural cedar shake in places like Aspen.

Umbrella Roofing installed this project, in the Mountain Blend, in Aspen earlier this year. What does Trevor Cannon, owner of Umbrella Roofing have to say about DaVinci’s impact rated shake tiles? “In our geographic market people are moving away from real cedar shake shingles due to their deterioration and susceptibility to fire. Anytime we have a new customer looking for a simulated shake roofing product we discuss the cost, insurance, appearance and maintenance saving aspects of the DaVinci cedar shake alternative product. These are features that immediately win over the client.”

Thank you for sharing this project with us, Umbrella Roofing!

Umbrella Roofing