Featured Project – Fort Worth, TX

Polymer SlateThe hail storms of 2016, while certainly a burden for many, are also an opportunity for people to replace their low impact rated roof (asphalt, slate, shake, tile, etc) with a Class 4 Impact Rated composite slate or shake roofing tile. Are you affected by a recent hail storm? Our advice – have patience. Tim Gentry, our VP of Technical Services and a long time roofing contractor, points out that just because your roof has been totaled in a storm, doesn’t mean it is going to leak the next time it rains. The reality is, you likely have time to do your research and find a good, local installer to do you roof. Things are heating up in Texas where recent storms have homeowners looking for a contractor, researching roofing materials, and looking at going through this process all over again. This project was recently installed by Texas Tile Roofing out of Fort Worth, and for it they went with Single-Width Slate in the Slate Gray color blend. Thank you for sharing with us TTR!

Texas Tile Roofing