Featured Project – Fort Worth, TX

A house made entirely of brick is a nice looking, low maintenance, and durable way to build a house. It can, however, be a pain to match the rest of your exterior products to because (generally) it can’t be changed. The colors of brick are actually more complex than they can first look.

For example, I learned from our Color Expert, Kate Smith, that brick comes in many different color casts which range from white/cream, gray, tan/buff, pink, red, and brown/black. Once you identify the color cast of the brick, you can choose your roof color accordingly. I am definitely not the expert, so if you are interested in learning more, click here for the full blog on how to choose a roof color for a brick home.

This single-widthSlate roof tile in the Villa Blend, installed by Dynasty Roofing out of Fort Worth, is a nice example of using Kate’s advice and picking a roof that complements this home’s brick exterior.

Dynasty Roofing, Inc