Featured Project – Frankfort, IL

Our Sales Support Representatives talk with contractors everyday about the orders they are about to place. Sometimes the homes they discuss have turrets, and with that some questions pop up mainly, "how do we do that?" The answer is, you can do a couple of things. 

1. You can order Multi-Width Slate bundles (even if the rest of the roof is Single-Width or Bellaforté, we can make sure the colors match) for the lower and middle sections of the cone. As you move up, you will need to cut the tiles to fit. As you reach the cap, we have 4" accessory tiles that will fit the top part of the turret. If you need some support while on the jobsite, we encourage you to reach out to one of our Technical Services Managers for assistance and advice. 

2. If you are looking for a fool proof option, we offer custom turret packages. Send us a diagram of your turret and we will design a package to fit. Included in the package are pre-cut tiles, numbered bundles and a custom layout design which eliminates a lot of time and effort in the field for the installers. 

High-end contractor, Owen Enterprises Inc., located in Lombard, IL recently installed this roof located in Frankfort, IL. On the main part of the roof they used Single-Width (12") synthetic slate roof shingles. On the turret, Multi-Width tiles were used and cut to fit the design of the cone. 

Owen Enterprises, Inc.

slate roof