Featured Project – Newton Square, PA

Customizing your roof can seem like a scary process. What if you can't land on the right color combination, or what if you pick something out and you end up hating it? At DaVinci Roofscapes we try to make the custom color blend process easy (or easier, anyway) by putting a few fail safes in place. If you follow these steps, you'll be putting together your own special blend in no time.

1. Visit the online Color Designer – here you can look at shake colors in slate molds, play with color combinations, and tentatively decide on what direction you want to go. 

2. Call on the advice of one of our Project Specialists. Guess what? They do this for a living, and love it. They will look at pictures of your home and make recommendations on colors and let you know what they have seen work well for others in the past. They will also be able to request you color chips, samples of our standard blends so you can see how we blend our colors, and refer you to a roofing contractor who is familiar with installing our composite slate roof products. 

3. Request Samples – once you have your blend colors and percentages figure out, our Project Specialists will get you samples requested. In fact, this step is a required step in our custom blend order process. This ensures you get plenty of material (up to several bundles) to build a mock up, put outside next to your siding, outdoor fixtures, and landscaping and make sure you love it!

This project was installed by Gillespie Contracting out of Glenmoore, PA. The product is Single-Width Slate in a custom color blend. Also, notice the snow guards which is always something we recommend in areas that are prone to accumulate snow. Thanks for sharing your photos Gillespie Contracting

Gillespie Contracting, Inc