Featured Project – Oklahoma City, OK

For our Multi-Width Slate line we have ten standard color blends. These blends are pre-designed by us and come to the jobsite pre-shuffled for both width and color. They range from conservative color blends like Slate Gray, Slate Black and Smokey Gray, to more colorful blends like the Vineyard Blend featured here. Vineyard is made up of 9 individual colors including Dark Tan, Light Gray, Medium Gray, Dark Stone, Medium Tan, Light Violet, Dark Violet, and Dark Amber. It sounds busy, but on the right house can give it a fun, cottagey feel. This roof was installed by Statewide Roofing out of Oklahoma City. We’re interested in see what color siding these homeowners chose to go with their new, designer roof!

Statewide Roofing

Faux Slate Roof